Lennox® Garage Heaters

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With a Lennox® garage heater in Murrieta, California, from Cool Air Solutions, you can put an end to leaving a comfy house and opening a chilly ride during the winter months.

Garage heaters also help put an end to frigid launches, keeping your car operating all year.

Additionally you can use your space for those projects you’d only work on when the weather’s nice. And provide a safe spot for animals during extremely cold weather.

Our heaters are available in different sizes and capacities to satisfy your requests. Chat with heating and cooling pros today at 951-299-9853 and we’ll help you identify the appropriate option for your area.

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4 Benefits of Heating Your Space

Lennox garage heater

Installing your new space heater is easy since the heater is fully assembled and wired. And all the heaters we carry are produced with a low-profile cabinet to provide increased overhead space and freedom.

Here are more perks of warming your garage or shop during the wintertime:

  1. Keeps your vehicle warm during bad weather.
  2. Heats hard-to-heat additional spaces or sleeping quarters atop your garage.
  3. Offers a comfortable spot for your shop year-round.
  4. Delivers a cozy area for four-legged friends and plants, regardless of the temperature outside.

Have difficult-to-heat spots where dust, grime or stuffiness is a challenge? Ask us about including a separate combustion unit.

We’ll Help You Determine the Right Garage Heater

Purchasing a garage heater offers you the flexibility to perform your projects throughout the year. Or maximize your comfort on cool days.

We can help you determine the correct equipment for your space and funds. Call us at 951-299-9853 or reach us online to get started today.

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